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We are bringing a change to the way things are done in politics, but it can't happen without you. We need your help. We need your time. We need your effort. We need YOU! Sign up for our campaign & let's bring the green wave to Beaches East-York!

Volunteer Positions

Field Coordinator

Works closely with the other campaign managers to oversee and organize Abhijeet’s field efforts in the Beaches-East York riding. The Field Coordinator makes sure that essential campaign field work gets done by coordinating our other volunteers.

Graphic Designer

Collaborates with the Communications Manager to design Abhijeet’s campaign media for print and digital distribution. A Graphic Designer has the backbone of the provincial party’s brand to work with and creates strong and visually reinforcing visuals that deliver the campaign’s messaging to the public.

Content Writer

Produces a variety of messaging for Abhijeet’s campaign and wider communications strategy. Works primarily alongside the  Communications and Marketing teams, while also incorporating and reviewing work from Researchers, Graphic Designers, the Campaign Manager, and Abhijeet.

Community Outreach Officer

Oversees and organizes Abhijeet’s community outreach and engagement efforts in the Beaches-East York riding. Works to make sure that Abhijeet is visible and accessible to as many different community organizations and constituents as possible.

Fundraising Manager

Works with the Volunteer, Campaign, and Communications managers to oversee and organize Abhijeet’s fundraising efforts in the Beaches-East York riding. The Fundraising Manager helps to set fundraising goals and then meet those targets.


A Researcher works with the Communications and Marketing teams to make sure that their efforts are current, relevant, and hard-hitting. A Researcher is digging into the issues of the day in Parliament and the wider political environment to share back with Abhijeet and the team at large.